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In Hinduism, Kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy believed to be located at the base of the spine, in the muladhara. It is an important concept in Śhaiva Tantra, where it is believed

Beach Yoga

Upcoming Yoga Classes on the Beach

Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga A practice that invites all levels to embark on a unique and serene journey. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or stepping onto a paddle board for the very first time,

Sound Bowl Healing

Discover Inner Peace Through Sound and Movement Our studio is a haven for those seeking tranquility and inner balance. We offer a unique blend of yoga practices complemented by the transformative experience of sound bowl

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga offers the same benefits of a regular yoga class. In form, it may not look as demanding as the postures done classically, but it accomplishes the same benefit based upon the condition of

Gentle Flow

Similar to Hatha yoga, this is a gentle practice focusing on breathing and holding poses for a longer period of time. It is great for beginners and those looking to improve their flexibility and balance.


Embrace the Gentle Power of Yin Yoga Discover the transformative experience of Yin Yoga at Align & Revive. Our Yin Yoga class is a journey into the depths of stillness, mindfulness, and profound relaxation. What


Aerial Yoga at Align & Revive Yoga Studio Welcome to a unique and exhilarating experience at Align & Revive Yoga Studio with our Aerial Yoga classes. Blending traditional yoga principles with elements of aerial arts,


A restful practice that holds yoga poses for a longer duration using props like yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters. It is a practice of deep relaxation that emphasizes the meditative aspect of yoga—the union of


Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic flow that focuses on linking movement with breath. It is great for those looking for a more challenging practice and to increase their stamina, balance, and strength.It relieves stress and