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Align & Revive

At Align & Revive Yoga Studio, our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone can find grounding stress relief, experience a deep sense of community, and be enveloped in love in every class. We believe in the transformative power of yoga to heal, connect, and uplift. Our commitment is to nurture a sanctuary where you can discover inner peace, connect with like-minded individuals, and embrace the boundless love that resides within us all. Join us on this journey towards well-being, unity, and self-discovery.

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Our Story

Megan Doyle first founded Revival Studios in the Southwest side of Chicago in 2015. She owned and operated Revival Yoga, Revival Air Barre and Revival Cycle.   She has since said farewell to Chicago and found a new home for Revival Studios in beautiful Naples Florida, July of 2021. 

It was through Megan’s own life’s journey where she found it her mission to create a safe space connected in community for all.  Revivals team and students play a huge part in the magic of diving deep into self love, wellness, restoring and reviving our minds, bodies and souls. 

Going Forward

Revival has elevated into another direction since opening the brand back in 2015.  For that reason, Revival was called to re-brand into Align & Revive – a yoga experience.  

Align & Revive is a diverse sanctuary for yogis of all paths and stages in their practice. Here, you’ll find a rich tapestry of yoga styles, from the soothing flow of Vinyasa to the precision of Gentle Yoga, and everything in between. 

We’re not just a studio; we’re a hub of learning and growth. Explore our teacher trainings, where you can dive deeper into the wisdom of yoga and emerge as a certified instructor. Our mission is to be your guide on this transformative journey, offering a space where you can explore the vast spectrum of yoga and take your practice to new heights. Join us and discover the many paths of yoga that lead to self-discovery, strength, and serenity.

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